PCIEERD Research Impact Assessment (PRIA)

PCIEERD-DOST is expanding its project assessment tool beyond the DOST's 6Ps Output metrics to cover medium to long term economic, societal, and environmental impacts of R&D. Measuring the R&D impact will allow us to further justify R&D investment to government as well as aid in future agency planning.

The PCIEERD Research Impact Assessment (PRIA) is an evidence-based procedure that expands the monitoring and evaluation of projects beyond project activities monitoring and the 6Ps metrics currently being implemented by the agency.

To do this, research proponents and PCIEERD project managers alike must have a collective change in mindset of the purpose of the R&D to be undertaken and will have implications in project conceptualization and implementation, a deliberate tracking of project progress and gains made, and a commitment to measuring the wider positive impact that R&D contributes.

The underlying goal is to repurpose R&D as a tool not only to increase scientific knowledge but also in generating a positive impact to the economy, environment and society as a whole.

Part of the whole process of PRIA will involve third party technical experts identified by PCIEERD. These technical experts include DOST staff/officers and Regional Directors. Aside from their technical expertise, those to be involved in the PRIA (Outcome and Impact) shall be required to undergo a short online orientation course provided for research impact assessment.

To understand the context of the PRIA, each expert will undergo a short online orientation course for research impact assessment herein called the PRIA Online Course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PRIA Online Course all about?

PRIA Online Course is a short online orientation course about the PCIEERD Research Impact Assessment (PRIA) process. This system was designed to provide a venue for introductory learning and understanding of the PRIA. The course explains topics including the rationale behind government Research and Development (R&D) funding, the types of R&D (basic, applied, development), and the R&D Logic Framework (inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, impact). The course includes a set of questions and a case study to assess the knowledge gained about the PRIA.

Who can access PRIA Online Course?

The access to the PRIA course is by invitation only. A pool of Technical Experts, DOST Staff /Officials, Regional Directors will be selected and given user credentials to access the PRIA Online Course.

Do I need to register to access the site?

There is no need to register. On the sign in page, just enter your user name and password provided then click sign in. You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to update your Profile Information.

How do I access the course?

The PRIA Online Course can be accessed anywhere and anytime at http://pria.pcieerd.dost.gov.ph

How am I evaluated in this course?

You are evaluated based on your inputs in the questions and case study provided.

What's next after the PRIA Online Course?

After completing the course, you will become eligible to be a PRIA assessor for PCIEERD projects.

How long can I finish the course?

The PRIA Online Course is brief. You can finish the course in under 30 minutes. All the questions and case study can be answered at one's own pace.

What should I do if I forgot my User ID or Password?

You may request for your user name and password by sending an email to hersheycastro02@gmail.com.